“You are the only one among all my wives who doesn’t have Belle,” Portable scolds the late Alaafin’s wife for declining to bear him a child.

Diligent Nigerian musician Habeeb Okikiola, better known online as Portable, has made headlines online once more due to a recent disagreement with Queen Dami, the late Alaafin of Oyo’s wife, and his mistress.

Known for his distinct musical taste, Portable expressed his annoyance on Queen Dami’s comment area, expressing his dismay at her choice to forgo having a kid with him.

It’s important to note that Portable has five children from the majority of the baby moms to whom she has been linked. With Nollywood actress Akinyanju Omobolarinde, he has a son.

The “Zazuu zeh” crooner, however, seemed to want more kids, particularly with Queen Dami, who had already given birth to a son with the late Alaafin Lamidi Adeyemi.

The independently created Ika of Africa claimed that despite forcing her to reside in his home as a sign of his love, she didn’t seem to be content with his nice actions.

Online, Portable called her out, revealing that Queen Dami knew he impregnates women year, therefore she declined to have a child with him.

He wrote, “Na only you no get belle among all my wife,” expressing his disappointment. I’m accountable to you, but you let me down. How come you won’t get Belle for me?

“You say I’m a pumpkin every year, so why aren’t you born for me?” When no one else was there to support you, I took good care of you. Even if you are inside my home, your eyes are still outside.

“You truly let me down.” You claimed, “I have kids every year. Why didn’t you have kids for me?”

Social media users flooded the comment area with ideas. Below are a few responses:

“They can’t have this conversation at home in private 😂,” places2go_ng remarked.

“They should have a show, Keeping up with the Portables,” Niniinyang exclaimed.

“Sisterhood is proud of her,” ble_ssing_sunday remarked.Na, just she is more sensible than your wives🤭.

“Looking inside the portables!” exclaimed Kenzy.Udosen. Exclusively available now on ShegeMax!

“Everyone and everybody 😂, brotherhood, sisterhood, wife, ara ile and ara adugbo, nobody wey portable no fit drag,” _rashydah_ exclaimed.

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