Regina Daniels sheds tears for her late coworker Junior Pope and shares the thing that gave him the most comfort.

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has finally mourned her colleague, Junior Pope.

reported on Wednesday, last week that Junior Pope had died after drowning while returning from a movie location with his colleagues in a boat at Anam River in Anambra State. The actor was said to have woken up briefly and was taken to the Water Shrine for some cleansing after which he was taken to the hospital, where he eventually gave up.

His unfortunate death had left many dragging Adanma Luke, holding her responsible for the death of Junior Pope.

Taking to her Instagram page, Regina Daniels shared a collage of video of her and the actor on a movie set, a video of him with his family, and of her and his event planner wife.

She said that the fact that the late actor left behind a loving and supportive environment for his loved ones would be his small solace.

“The fact that he left behind a world brimming with love and support for the people closest to his heart will be the biggest consolation for Bros Jay.”

Remember how Ruth Kadiri remembered how everyone fought to save Junior Pope’s life, including her mother Rita Daniels, the President of AGN, Regina Daniels, and others, after he passed away?

Many of their coworkers expressed their grief on their Instagram sites, with some placing the blame on Adanma Luke.

As she bemoaned how the actor’s passing was a sacrifice for the realization of the necessity for the much-needed regulation and framework that would safeguard an entire production, Ini Edo criticized the industry’s inadequate structure, which has taken a toll on them.

Adanma had been hauled by Sarah Martins, who pointed out that her carelessness had lost her lives. In addition, Doris Ogala had pulled Adanma and demanded that she be arrested while criticizing the AGN President for supposedly shielding her.

The Actors Guild of Nigeria spoke out and issued a statement prohibiting performers and actresses from appearing in Adanma Luke productions in the near future. Her film, which resulted in Junior Pope and crew members losing their lives, has been put on indefinite hold.

If only he had worn a life jacket or if Nollywood producers had done a better job, Yvonne Jegede pointed out, his death might have been prevented.

Adanma Luke broke her silence to clarify that, in contrast to what had been reported, she had given them life jackets. She disclosed that the regrettable event continues to feel to her like a dream, from which she wants to awaken.

She revealed that the experience had left her traumatized, and she felt guilty for going back to Asaba when she was meant to be on that boat with them and her brother’s two children.

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