“please help me ooo”-Portable cries out, accusing the EFCC of plotting his arrest.

The controversial musician Portable talks about a purported EFCC intention to arrest him while expressing anxiety.

Remember how the Zazoo hitmaker recently asked the EFCC to pardon him if they had proof that he had misused the Naira note?

He said in a live Instagram session that he is being targeted now since the agency was asked to look into him for allegedly abusing the Naira by a self-described social media activist named VeryDarkMan.

According to Portable:

“I am scared. The EFCC is planning to arrest me when I return to Nigeria because VeryDarkMan name-dropped me.

“VeryDarkMan abi VeryDarkBrain, you talk too much. Leave talk for people who have something reasonable to say. Are you a law enforcement officer? Your opinions on public affairs are for people in the law enforcement agencies. When you were arrested it was Nigerians who begged for your freedom. When you came out, you were lean; all your muscles disappeared.

“And now you’re bragging. Leave talk for people who are sensible. You talk about women, politics, everything. What do you do for a living? Tok tok.”

Watch the video below:

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