Basketmouth tells her daughter, “I love you so much,” when she reaches a new age.

In honor of his daughter’s birthday today, well-known Nigerian comedian, musician, and actor Bright Okpocha, better known online as Basketmouth, posted a sweet video of her.

The actor put together stunning videos of his daughter wearing the pricey clothes she made him buy.

Basketmouth greeted his lovely daughter a happy birthday and prayed that all of her desires will come true while posting the video on his Instagram page.

With the video, he commented, “Happy birthday to my sweetie.” May you achieve all of your birthday goals.My lovely Ada, you have my undying affection.

When Basketmouth revealed that his marriage to Elsie was ending in 2022, Nigerians were taken aback. He made this announcement on Instagram and promised to co-parent their children amicably with his wife.

The actor begged the public to respect their privacy by not disclosing the grounds behind their divorce.

In the wake of their split, Nigerians discovered archival footage of the pair declaring their love for one another and their opposition to divorce.

The comic boasted that he and Elsie couldn’t divorce since no decent marriage ends in divorce.

After they got divorced, Elsie sent out a letter warning people who ridicule marriage to stop making fun of single women. Elsie observed that women are stigmatized for getting married and having children later in life.

The relationship guru and mother of three made it clear that a woman is never to blame for a man cheating on her. She went on to explain how a woman may be smart, attractive, sensual, the finest cook, and stunning, yet her husband could still cheat on them.


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