”Warning accusations”-At the 40th birthday celebration, Dotun warns DJ not to play songs by his ex-brother-in-law D’banj.

This happened during a custody dispute between him and his wife Taiwo Oyebanjo, Koko Master D’banj’s sister, whom he accused of backing his sister and convincing her to keep their kids away from him.

Dotun, who just celebrated turning 40 years old, posted timeless pictures on his Instagram page and thanked God and his followers for their support.

Later on, the well-known person threw a birthday celebration and made it a point to take music off his brother-in-law’s iPod.

Following that, several fans commended him for maintaining the same enthusiasm with his wife’s family, while others warned him against going too far.

Reactions when DJ is cautioned by Dotun not to play D’banj songs during his birthday celebration

“Everyone saying dbanj is better than him and that he is taking it too far would not take half what dotun went through with his wife’s family would not take half,” wrote official247_gram. I hope we don’t marry into such a self-centered, evil family! If you know the backstory, Dbanj is deserving of everything he receives from Dotun.

merit_orbie said: “This guy was really screwed up by Dbanj.”

“You can say he’s taking it too far, but anything that will make you feel bad or bring up your past trauma, you feel like you have to stand against it,” wrote damilolaaaaaaaaa. Dotun Is Actual! I adore it.

But he’s taking it too far. Just because you have problems with your wife doesn’t mean you have to take the fight to her, broda. Wumi Roky said as much. I find it to be incomprehensible and indicative of immaturity.

“I love how he keeps the same energy on social media and in real life 👏👏,” arikeeee_ wrote.

View the video down below.

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