“He reeks of low self-esteem” – Daniel Regha criticizes Portable for degrading his wife in public on her birthday.

Daniel Regha, a prominent figure on Twitter, has publicly criticized singer Portable for persistently degrading and dragging his relationships.

Daniel Regha and many other social media users don’t think it funny that the musician has attacked his wife and a number of babymamas and mistresses over the past few months.

The last thing he did was criticize his wife, who is also the father of his two children, for describing herself as the “Queen of Herself” in her birthday caption.

Not one to keep his opinions to himself, Portable lost it over her caption and viciously tormented her on social media, yelling at her to show her some respect and warning her not to fall into hateful traps.

He threatened to kick her out of their married house during an Instagram live session if she didn’t modify the caption. He continued by implying that his wife’s friends were behind her behavior and that they were attempting to turn her against him.

In response, he attacked the singer on the microblogging site X for his incessant need to be the focus of attention. He instilled in the singer the belief that respect is a meritocracy.

He claimed that his actions online don’t reflect well on him because his repeated dragging of his partners smacks of low self-esteem and needing affirmation from his girlfriends. He noted that nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors.

He advised anyone who knew the artist well to speak with him about his actions.

“Portable still doesn’t understand that respect must be earned, not given, and that he shouldn’t always be the focus of attention. He’s been doing the most, which isn’t a good look, but nobody knows what goes on behind the scenes or in front of the camera. His habit of bringing his online partners along shows a lack of confidence in himself; it’s as though he wants their approval. He has to be talked to by someone.

Portable has shamelessly dragged every one of his ladies on social media, as we have stated. From his mistress Queen Dami to his babymamas Ashabi and Keji, from his wife Bewaji.

He had chastised Queen Dami, the mistress and estranged wife of the late Alaafin of Oyo, for her inability to bear him a child.

Portable mentioned how he offered her affection and cared for her when no one else was, but she let him down by not wanting to have his child.

He fought in public. With his fourth babymama, Ashabi, in January after she agreed to an interview providing details about their romantic relationship and disclosed that, even though the musician is married to several people, she still feels as though he is married to her exclusively.

Her interview ended. He slapped her, reminding her that she was just a side girl and pointing out that he had a wife at home, which infuriated Portable. In March, the two had yet another argument, with Portable accusing her of attempting to destroy his marriage.

The last item on the list was Portable’s outburst against Keji, his third babymama, for supposedly having an affair with MC Oluomo’s helper Koko Zaria. He called her cheap, said she was having affairs with thirty-six guys, and intimidated Koko Zaria.

The singer’s first babymama, whose name is still unknown, is the only woman he hasn’t dragged.


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