“The secret behind women’s preference for portable” Uses portable Wale Jana talents to win over women

Nigerian entrepreneur Wale Jana has brought attention to the techniques used by controversial musician Habib Okikiola, better known by his stage name Portable, to court women.

It is well known that Portable humiliated Omobewaji, his first wife, for claiming to be a queen. After receiving several insults on her timeline, the controversial singer forced his wife to remove the messages.

In a similar way, Portable handles his other spouses, such as the actress Ashabi Simple, who was publicly humiliated a few months ago.

Wale Jana discussed the reasons his wives put up with his bad habits while sharing a picture of Portable and his first wife, Omobewaji. The successful businessman and father of three revealed that Portable’s family’s continued unity is a result of his commitment to his house.

Wale Jana claims that Portable meets his family’s fundamental necessities, something a more composed man would find difficult to do. He asserted that the artist uses these items to court women.

“I see a lot of people making fun of Portable. They say things like, ‘He looks unclean, he’s too loud, and they wonder what those women are doing with him,’ among other things.

The truth is that women will always find a responsible, family-oriented man appealing. If you’re the cleanest, nicest guy and have a killer stroke, Portable will come get your sweetie and get her pregnant.

You are insulting Portable by expecting your wife to bring half of the house rent and other bills when Portable is most likely paying the rent, school fees, food, and childcare. You are not your mate o, portable.

Before you all say, “Ashewo dob drop quote,” let me clarify that I’m not advocating polygamy; rather, I’m attempting to unravel the enigma of why so many women would prefer to live with someone like Portable, but you, with your Queen’s English, are unable to find a woman to be with you.

In the name of Jesus, may you embrace common sense.

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