”This is true love”- Rita Edochie is hailed on her birthday by May Edochie.

Rita Edochie, her husband’s aunt, was praised by May Edochie, the estranged wife of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie.

She praised her for her excessive activity and mentioned how everyone who has her as somebody is someone. She shared a slide show of her images on her Instagram page.

She prayed for the seasoned actress and wished her a good birthday.

Whose birthday is it, guess?

It’s my final slide because there’s too much activity.

May the All-Powerful God encourage you.
May you always have the breeze in your face.
I hope the grass you walk on is green.
I pray that the Lord grants you many more happy years!

Get someone, the person who gets you.

Happy birthday, @ritaedochie, to our one and only gorgeous mother.

As for Rita Edochie, she had chosen to dedicate her day in remembrance of her late junior colleague, Junior Pope, and had declined to rejoice. She mentioned how the late actor would always call her, send her messages, share her photos on the internet, and more, and how he would never forget her birthday.

Rita said that until the day is over and she hears back from him, she won’t accept that he is gone. She also said that no death in Nollywood has driven her this insane.

Remember that after Rita Edochie and Yul Edochie separated, Rita had defended her publicly and remained firmly behind her.

Rita had declared herself a Mother Hen months before, when she had proudly adopted May Edochie and promised to always look after for her.

She sent a letter to those who insisted that she leave May alone, telling them that she would never abandon May and that she would fight against anyone who would deny her the chance to breathe. May is now her daughter.

She said a brief prayer in response to those who were often condemning her for publicly standing up for May Edochie in a different post.

She answered their questions with a short prayer, pointing out that she is not May’s mother-in-law and that May doesn’t even acknowledge or notice her. She also mentioned how people frequently asked why she was always standing up for May.

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