“This is too much for me” – Producer Adanma Luke shares a disturbing video.

Adanma Luke, the distraught producer, shares a troubling message in which she questions God while grieving for the late actor Junior Pope and the other members of the team who perished in the horrific boat accident.

It will be remembered that after the terrible loss in Anam River, Anambra state, the AGN suspended Adanma Luke indefinitely.

It appears that she was the target of criticism for allegedly failing to provide the actor and the team with adequate safety conditions.

Still feeling guilty about this and other incidents, Adanma Luke resorted to social media to wonder whether God had rewarded her just to make her look foolish.

In a rhetorical question, she stated that everything going on was too much for her to handle and questioned why she was still alive.

“Oh my God, this is just too much for me.” What’s the point of life?
Did you bless me so I could be ashamed?
Why me?
Lord, please direct me,” she wrote.

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