After celebrating her 45th birthday, Genevieve Nnaji writes a passionate statement that reads, “Because of you all I can go farther.”

In honor of her 45th birthday, Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji shared her first Instagram photo of the year.

She thanked the public on her birthday for their love and prayers on Instagram, saying that it is because of them that she can achieve more.

She wrote, “Expressing her love for them all,”

“I sincerely appreciate your prayers and kindness. You’ve enabled me to go farther.
I adore you very much.

Kunle Remi, Steve Chuks, Tawa Ajisefinni, Mo Bimpe, Medlin Boss, and other celebrities showed their affection for her in the comments area.

Wishing Queen G a happy birthday, writes Kunle Remi.

“Love you forever,” wrote Steve Chuks.

“Mooma,” Tawa Ajisefinni wrote.

Mo Bimpe penned, “We cherish you.”

“Queen,” as Medlin Boss put it,

Charles Okpocha penned “Magnificent Genevieve.”

We love youuuuu,” wrote Sonia Uche.

If you love our Queen of movie father here, then you know it, wrote one official Henry meme.

“Long live the Queen,” wrote one Ransford Kemson.

One Dez D. Marshall stated, “Beautifully effortless”

“A queen I have loved from childhood till now, you’re outstanding,” wrote one Ogechi Accessory. My Imo State.

Remember how it was reported in 2022 that Genevieve had a mental breakdown and was admitted to the hospital?

Anonymous blogger Gistlover said that the actress was experiencing mental health problems and had traveled to Houston, Texas, for therapy. A US-based nurse named Sil Fenesse verified the report and provided more details regarding her admittance.

Many people didn’t trust Genevieve when she refuted the rumors on her Instagram account with a video of her painting.

She shared her first public comment on Instagram in July 2023, along with a cute selfie. She also made a comeback to Instagram to celebrate turning 44, posting a video of herself with a cake and friends and family.

At the 2023 Toronto Film Festival in Canada, Genevieve made a public appearance in September to present her next film, I Do Not Come To You By Chance.

Genevieve posted pictures from the festival after her unexpected arrival, and famous people showered her comment area with kind sentiments.

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