“My number 1 blogger, e no go better for you-In a new audio clip, Portable makes Tunde Ednut giggle uncontrollably (Listen)

Diligent Nigerian musician Habeeb Okikiola, better known by his stage name Portable, makes well-known blogger Tunde Ednut laugh out loud as he praises him.

This occurs just hours after he severely humiliated activist VeryDarkMan by accusing him of being overly talkative and ruining relationships.

Portable refers to the Instagram bloggers as his top bloggers in an audio clip that displays his direct message (DM) with Tunde Ednut, emphasizing that he will never get spoiled.

In contrast to other bloggers who used to share disappointments and negative things about people, Singer Portable claims that blogger Tunde Ednut never lets you down.

The blogger used to post about him and other people while they were in the trenches before they became well-known, Portable continued, adding that Tunde Ednut always posted positive things.

He went on to congratulate Tunde Ednut for consistently supporting and uplifting artists by sharing their work on his verified page, which has millions of followers.

He continued by calling Tunde Ednut a legendary musician and disclosing that, back in the days when he would go around the neighborhood in regular pants, he would listen to his songs and then use them to compose.

In response to all of Portable’s replies, Tunde Ednut was observed giggling hysterically in the direct message and sending back several laughing emojis.

“Ah, I swear you be correct comedian, I don laugh tire for here, Thank you so much, I appreciate you oh,” said Tunde Ednut on Facebook.

Listen to the audio clip that is below.

View the responses below;

Prince George Entertainment: Real truth revealed. @mazitundeednut won’t share someone else’s failure. Good news and insightful updates are constant. Bravo, my G.

maasoroju: You yourself don’t become a blogger in this way since everyone you talk to posts. Even talking to yourself makes some people afraid 😂 😂.

I love how easily funny this is😂😂, iniabasi441.

Bobby__dc: Tunde begs on behalf of VDM; he says that a portable stone thrower is a good idea for a glass house 🏡.

fabrics_by_Jummie: A person with this sense of humor can acquire 700 wives and 300 concubines. Were Abi to get Solomon some time?

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