Greetings on his daughter’s 18th birthday: “Today my joy is doubled, I’m sure your mum and the Angels are smiling.” Adeniyi Johnson

Nollywood actor Adeniyi Johnson’s daughter is celebrating her birthday, and the star is having trouble staying composed.

He expressed his twofold happiness by posting pictures of the celebrant—whom he referred to as his daughter—on his Instagram page. He was grateful that she was able to learn new things and took care of her younger siblings.

As he showered her with prayers, he brought her into adulthood, observing how proud her mother and the Angels were of her.

“My happiness is multiplied today because my daughter turns 18! Indeed, my darling daughter. I appreciate your willingness to learn and your concern for your younger family members. I adore you and hope the best for you in life. May you always be happy and may your success know no limits. I’m sure your mother and the angels are grinning. @frosty_cakes_and_services, welcome to adulthood.

revealed in February 2023 that Adeniyi Johnson and his wife Seyi Edun had welcomed twins after a seven-year wait.

The couple considered their struggles as they dedicated their twins to the church. They related how they were called derogatory names and advised to consult herbalists for assistance, but they persisted and had faith in God’s miraculous abilities.

Johnson had mentioned how his wife prayed to be included in the Mother’s Day celebration each year on Mother’s Day in March.

In the present, God has given her a new name and a new testimonies. Adeniyi emphasized how God had answered her prayers, changed her name, and given her twins.

In other developments, Seyi Edun reacted when her husband, Adeniyi Johnson, showed affectionate behavior towards his girlfriend on her birthday.

With kind words, Adeniyi Johnson posted beautiful pictures of his mother-in-law on Instagram, referring to her as his girlfriend.

Johnson had posted amazing old pictures of himself and his wife on a movie shoot on Monday, looking for his wife’s problems. He boasted about being a true man and asked his followers to join him in singing praises while captioning the post.

He pointed out that even though it was Monday, he was deliberately searching for his wife’s problems because he knew he wouldn’t be home during the week and couldn’t be disciplined as a result.

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