“You better edit your birthday message or pack out of my house” – Singer Portable keeps bringing up his wife Bewaji’s birthday post.

Pop musician Portable has threatened to kick his wife Bewaji out of the house for not mentioning him in her self-made birthday card.

Today, April 19, is Bewaji’s birthday. Instead of the customary title, “Queen of Portable,” she tweeted pictures from her birthday photo shoot with the phrase “Queen of Herself.”

When Portable saw the caption, he became irate. He believed that Bewaji could not be her own queen while she was his wife.
Even after his furious public outburst, Bewaji declined to alter the caption. He went on his Instagram live and demanded that she either leave his house or modify her caption since he was upset with her behavior.

Below is a video of him airing his ire on Instagram Live.

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