The producer of Mercy Chinwo chastises her for not receiving royalties for her popular songs.

Popular gospel singer Mercy Chinwo’s music producer, Dr. Roy, breaks down in tears as he accuses her of not paying him for her hit songs and of abandoning him after his father had a stroke.

During his appearance on the most recent Honest Bunch Podcast broadcast, he made the accusations.

According to Dr. Roy, he used to put in a lot of overtime to assist the gospel singer with her song production.

The thought that he will be able to support his family got him through these kinds of times.

But this was never the case. He continued by saying that he had called the actress once to ask for help with anything when his father was suffering from a stroke, but she had simply said, “He will be fine.”

The music producer had to stop occasionally to stop crying as he was narrating the song.

His remarks;

“I spent 22 hours a day for days working on Mercy Chinwo’s “Excess love” project and other songs, but I never received my royalties. When my father was ill, I called Mercy to ask for help, and all she said was that he would be okay.”

Check out the video below:

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