”There is money where money dey”-Video of Davido and Chioma Newly Acquired Customized Matching Rings Worth N72M Surfaced Online

Online users are drooling over the love between well-known Nigerian musician David Adeleke, better known online as Davido, and his spouse Chioma.

Davido and Chioma showed off their relationship goals in a recently viral video, which showed them buying expensive matching rings—and that wasn’t even the beginning.

The gold matching rings had a “me and my wife” vibe with the unique 002 and 001 on them.

Davido has faced criticism for his alleged infidelity on the internet, but he has persevered in facing down his detractors.

Remember how Davido gained notoriety in March 2024 when he fashioned a personalized pendant for himself and his spouse Chioma Adeleke in honor of his late son Ifeanyi?

Davido once again demonstrates his unwavering love for his wife Chioma by purchasing matching rings that were specially designed and cost $30,000 apiece, for a grand total of $60,000, and by telling her that what he wears, her wears too.

The names of Davido and Chioma were also separately engraved on the personalized matching rings, “001 and 002”.

Check out the video below:

view responses below;

joy6903: Simply proclaim today to be WORLD CHIVIDO DAY.

roseokpo She is 002, and there is nothing she can do about it, whether people like it or not. Enjoy your husband’s money, darling girl. We adore you ❤.

amar_rachi21:e Let my favorite couple handle the doings.

Crystalyaa_dmw: In honor of a remarkable woman, the queen’s birthday has begun early. She is entitled to everything nice in the earth and beyond.

1tanisha: The gesture is always more important than the price.

floralessence_skinsecret: Just bring up Chioma when they say “spoilt wifey.”

mariatufoganah: You are a lucky girl, and I adore you more than I would a daughter.

nkwentifaith3. I am at a loss for words. This one limits the passage of air.

Pepper dem 🫣, uchezipele Some folks won’t be able to sleep tonight, oooh. Biko, everything is ok.

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