Supporters give Soma of BBN a home and eight million naira.

Recently, Big Brother Naija fans—who are renowned for their ability to make lasting impressions—have done it once more with former BBN star SoMadina Anyama.

Today is his 32nd birthday, and the admirers have given him gifts and presents. They showered him with gifts and presents, one of which was an enormous 8 million Naira. Not content to stop there, they also offered him a gift in the form of a small box.

The actor and reality TV star opened the gift to find keys to his new home.

And now keep in mind that just this morning, shared the news that Angel Smith had written the cutest and most heartfelt note to honor her boyfriend’s summer.

She expressed her ardent love and devotion for him on her Instagram page. She went on to highlight his diligence and resolve, sharing instances when she would watch him practice an activity until he got it perfect.

She continued by saying that she was genuinely in love with him and that she had counted all of the bedmarks on his body.

Now, keep in mind that a few months ago, after following one another on social media, Angel and Soma started rumors of a breakup. But, the couple was lately seen together again, going to various occasions, indicating that they are once more together.

Angel’s sentimental love letter to Soma serves as more proof that the two of them are still together.

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