Men Are Asking For DNA Test To Run From Responsibilities – Actress Mary Njoku

When Mary Njoku asserts that men utilize DNA testing as an escape from parental duty, people take notice.
The renowned actress learned about the controversy surrounding DNA testing and responded with this audacious statement on her Instagram page.

She clarified that in order to verify the results, the man needed to conduct the examination in a minimum of three different hospitals to guarantee precision.

Mary Njoku claims that a lot of medical facilities misdiagnose a number of illnesses, therefore it’s not out of the question that a DNA test might be used to do the same.

The actress believes that a real man who cares for his kids and isn’t afraid to do his share of household chores would put his kids through a lot of tests to make sure he isn’t abandoning their biological parents.

This is what her caption says:

“Oga! Put an end to abdicating your duties by claiming a paternity test is necessary. Take into account getting second and third opinions. Misdiagnosis occurs frequently. What if you’re not correct?

While some internet users are upset with her viewpoint, she has received support after her video.

View the video by clicking this link.

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