In honor of my birthday, Omowunmi Ajiboye makes a special request.

Omowunmi Ajiboye, an actress in Nollywood, is celebrating her birthday today, and she has a request for her followers.

Omowunmi begged people to pray for her as she posted brand-new, stunning pictures of herself on her Instagram page.

Nonetheless, the actress did not forget to thank her Creator for giving her life and grace.

“+1 God, you have my gratitude.”
Jesus, I am grateful for your grace. Guys, it’s my birthday. Please offer up a prayer for me.

Several of her coworkers wished her a happy birthday in the comment area, including Afeez Owo, Faithia Williams, Sotayo Gaga, and Funmi Awelewa.

“Happy birthday,” Afeez Owo penned.

“Happy birthday, my darling sister,” Faithia Williams wrote.

“Happy birthday,” Sotayo Gaga wrote.

“Happy birthday, Madam,” wrote Funmi Awelewa.

Seiilat commented, “This is really beautiful. Greetings on your birthday, madam

I wrote, “Happy birthday, sis,” to Desola Afod.

Wishing you a happy birthday, Yomi Fash Lanso wrote.

“Happy birthday, darling,” wrote Jayeola Monje.

“Age gracefully as you add another beautiful year,” Toyosi Adesanya wrote.

“Happy birthday, darling, more years ahead,” wrote Babatee.

Omowunmi Ajiboye posted pictures of herself on her Instagram profile on her birthday, along with a note about loving her life. The mother of two urged her friends, followers, and coworkers to start giving her gifts, saying that she couldn’t help but feel the moments.

We wonder if Segun Ogungbe would write her a non-romantic greeting on her birthday, just as she did for him.

Wunmi revealed some dark secrets about her divorced spouse last week, alleging, among other things, that he had adulterous affairs in her home, mistreated the females who worked with her, and aborted their fetuses.

She accused her spouse of not treating her with respect during their marriage and of putting her in the path of trolls without offering any support.

Wunmi made it plain to her detractors that nothing would stop her or bring her down because she deserved to be loved, in response to the criticism she received for disclosing her marital problems online and responding to it.


The fact that Omowunmi and Segun broke up over a supposed rumor that Segun couldn’t support Wunmi’s lifestyle and that’s why she ended up having extramarital affairs and going back on the streets is no longer news.

When Omowunmi buried her mother in a stately manner and her husband, Segun, was mostly responsible for watching their boys, it was evident that the couple was no longer together.

Even worse, once the burial went well, Ajiboye had written Segun Ogungbe a tepid note of gratitude. L

Later on,  discovered that MC Oluomo was the cause of their breakup because he was purportedly the one who provided the money for her opulent lifestyle.

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