Actor Adeniyi Johnson asks, “Is it normal for a man to wash his partner’s pants?” and online users respond.

Adeniyi Johnson, a Nollywood actor, has sparked controversy online by asking his millions of followers a crucial question.

He asked whether it’s customary for a male to wash his partner’s pants on his Instagram profile. Adeniyi clarified that he was referring to pants, not panties or underwear.

Is it customary for a man to clean his significant other’s pants?

As in underwear, o.k. Do not wear pants.

View some thought-provoking remarks below.

“There’s nothing normal there, spiritually sef it’s bad,” wrote one I Am Neeyat.

“If I can take it off and eat what’s inside with my mouth, then what’s ordinary watching?” wrote one Ife Lover Boy.

“As long as she’s ur wife and not just any old girlfriend,” wrote Anyi Gold. That seems fine to me, but watch out that you don’t act too manly about it.

“If I can wash her plate, why can’t I wash her pants?” wrote a Major Brown.

“Am a man of love,” one Darlington White wrote. Only love has the power to do that, but that love is not appropriate for me.

“Very normal, but I won’t let my man do it for me,” a Berry White official wrote.

“If washing men’s boxers is normal, then washing women’s pants should also be normal,” one Mo Teehzy wrote. I can’t ask a man to wash my pants for me.

“I would like to do it but my parents will reject me,” YS Federal stated in a letter.

“If the partner is very sick, then no problem; however, if there is nothing wrong with the partner,” noted an official Kabiyesi. That is not acceptable.

A few weeks prior, Austine Imoniche Oviosun, a university lecturer, had responded to a question posed by Mike Bamiloye, inquiring whether men might purchase food items for their spouses from the market. The professor said he could cook, wash her clothing when he could, and not just buy things for his partner. He pointed out that a marriage unites two considerate individuals.

He urged his detractors to label him a woman wrapper; that wouldn’t diminish his love for his wife, and that’s what matters most.

In response, Daddy Freeze stated that while he enjoys visiting local markets and supermarkets and buying goods, he is unable to do the dishes for his

Nigerian pastor Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has delivered a message to men who have troubled marriages, warning them to cling to the Lord and sharing stories of how he has seen wives totally change and become obedient to their husbands, helping him in his ministry.

He went on to warn the men to continue loving their spouses, praying for them, and living up to their own spiritual obligations as godly men.


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