Verydarkman Meets Mysterious Stranger and Gets into Car Crash

Verydarkman, a critic, described a bizarre meeting he had in Calabar, followed by a car accident when he tried to drive away out of fear for his life. He had come to Cross River State for a wedding, and as the ceremony was about to start, he told about his strange incident.
According to his testimony, he was approached by an unsettling-looking man who claimed to be carrying a crucial message from Abuja. Uneasy, Verydarkman went to talk to his buddies about the situation. They later told him that three bikers had followed him the night before to his motel.

Verydarkman made the quick decision to leave the state out of concern for his safety. Regretfully, while traveling to the airport, he was involved in a car accident. He was not hurt, but the other car’s occupants were sent to the hospital as a result of the collision.

“I stepped outside, and there was this suspicious-looking figure searching for me. He claimed to have traveled all the way from Abuja to Calabar in search of me. He claimed to have tried DM-ing me but received no answer. He alleged, in part, that he had just been released from jail after being imprisoned by Dunamis Pastor Paul Enenche for holding a banner that predicted Buhari’s death.

Check out the video below.

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