The Effects of X’s Choice to Eliminate Checkmark Hiding on Online Privacy

Elon Musk’s social media site X is now changing several of its premium features, according to recent developments. X started offering premium customers the ability to hide their checkmarks from public display last year. On the other hand, users are now getting warnings alerting them to the impending removal of this feature. The precise date of the checkmark hiding feature’s removal is yet unknown, much like with many other decisions made by X.

Notably, shortly before releasing the alerts, X took down the section of the help page that provided instructions on how to use the checkmark hiding function for premium customers. It is noteworthy that individuals on the basic tier were not granted access to this feature; only Premium and Premium+ users were.

Before, users of Premium and Premium+ subscriptions could conceal their checkmarks from their posts and profiles on the platform, albeit there was a warning that they could still be visible in some situations and could be exposed by specific features.

To further enhance the modifications, X has started bestowing blue checkmarks on prominent users who have more than 2,500 “verified” followers. These verified users can also get Premium memberships, and those with more than 5,000 verified followers can get Premium+ subscriptions.

This action, interestingly enough, is reminiscent of another change that Musk made in the past when he first eliminated the legacy verification checkmark and then later reinstated it for elite accounts. This completes the circle of the verification program by emphasizing the verification of noteworthy individuals once more.

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