Moving Bobrisky to Kirikiri is refuted by NCoS, it claims that an offense is not a capital offense.

Claims that Idris Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky, was transferred from the Ikoyi detention center to its other facility in Kirikiri, Lagos State, have been denied by the Nigeria Correctional Service.

It was reported this weekend that Bobrisky, who was given a six-month prison sentence after admitting to abusing Naira, had been covertly moved to Kirikiri Prison, where he will serve out his sentence.

On Thursday, April 18, an NCoS representative informed Punch that he remained detained at the Ikoyi prison.

The official, who begged to remain anonymous because he was not allowed to discuss the case, claimed that the prisoner had not committed a serious crime that would have justified his transfer to a maximum security facility, which housed most of the inmates serving life sentences and death penalties.

The publication was informed by the source that Bobrisky remained in Ikoyi and had not been relocated. He did not receive a life sentence or a death sentence. Most individuals who get life sentences or death sentences are housed in the maximum jail. That is mostly predicated on the death penalty. Regarding Bobrisky, why was he sent to Kirikiri when he had not committed a capital crime?

According to an additional official, the proposal to transfer some prisoners among the state’s custody facilities was still being considered. The change was made for decongestion, the NCoS spokesman continued.

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