”What a wicked world”-A woman drowns after pals toss her into a boiling tomato

Sadly, a young woman lost her life when a group of her pals threw her into a boiling hot pot of tomatoes.

Israel Joe, a close friend of the dead, posted the story on Facebook.

His narrative goes as follows:

“Dear Rozzy, RIP.

On Saturday, April 13, her companion shoved her into a large pot of boiling fresh pepper and tomatoes. She fought for around two weeks with her body burnt or boiled until passing away on Friday, April 26, last week.

Even though Rozzy was buried four days ago, we can’t just put everything behind us and act like nothing happened. What a wicked friendship those were that I once knew.

Roseline’s reported murder by her roommates remained unknown to the Otokutu neighborhood’s residents. She was buried without a single byrial poster honoring her or anyone to say farewell. After only a couple of days at the morgue, the mortuary staff insisted that she be taken away for burial.

Even though Rozzy claims her friends are making fun of her, she still chose to go to Sapele with them for a catering job, even though Rozzy, a Yoruba girl, couldn’t comprehend what they were saying in their native tongue.

Suddenly, she found herself in a large pot of boiling fresh pepper and tomatoes, and they were still taking their time to come to her aid. My buddy was unable to attend, but she was eventually taken to Sage Hospital in Warri by Estate, where the problem was handled.

The fact that these two girls are still out and about, acting as though nothing had happened, hurts me. I detest oppression and intimidation, especially when it comes to non-indigenous people. Nothing, not even an arrest, not an investigation, not a police report.

A citizen is a citizen and has all the rights associated with being a citizen; the law is supreme. Hold onto your “indigeneship”; the police need to smoke you out before you can bring them to justice. God doesn’t aid those who don’t have help.

We will battle for Rozzy because you cannot simply be buried like an animal and butchered like a chicken. No one ought to die such a horrific end. Rose was never introduced to us.

just chatting on Facebook because of your never-ending busy schedule, only to see you at the most repulsive sight—the Sage Hospital—and hope that you get well, but death took you away. Justice will triumph, even if it means excavating you.

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