”See Wahala”-A Nigerian woman ordered beverages worth ₦1.3 million Azul by mistake, believing it to be ₦1,300.

After ordering and consuming an entire bottle of Azul for ₦1.3 million, a young Nigerian woman found herself in hot water after she mistook the price for ₦1,300.

The incident happened at an undisclosed club and was caught on camera for viral purposes. The video shows the distraught woman, who is wearing red, crying and trying to explain herself while being mobbed by bystanders.

A waiter interrupts and inquires as to if she failed to notice the bottle’s pricing. She insists, nevertheless, that she thought it was just ₦1,300.

Many people have expressed their opinions in the comments section of the video, which has garnered a lot of attention, along with the conversation that followed.

View a few responses below:

moonGoddess: “She ought to replace it by going to the super market and buying the Azul.”

“One who dey give person Azul u no go first look face, dey play,” said Omalicha.

“Acting a bit odd, how da fo club go think say Azul na 1300 how much me exotic,” said Sam.

“Untop 1.3 unna Dey shout for my ear??😒 paste aza,” said 🍓qwin🍓berry.

@lover— 💕💋 girl: “Those who serve her don’t seem to notice her appearance; she appears to be someone who can afford that beverage.”

“Jesus, if you don’t want me, I’ll pay you $1,300 first, and I’ll start working there as a waitress with no long cap.”

PreetyGold: “Did the person serving her the Azul really make sure she understood the price before serving?”

“Hotel staff de like this kin thing ehhhh that day anybody wey no de work miss,” said Esthermichael.


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