“I said yes, and I’m off the streets at last”Actress Lolalde Okusanyan finally got engaged today—congratulations! (Video)

A video of the actress Lolalde Okusanyan’s man proposing to her today has been posted.

She expresses her shock and anxiety that a guy may ever ask her to marry him, since her boyfriend caught her off guard and nearly had her pass out, but she also talks about the happiness that comes with being a lady.

Read what she wrote below to see how she expressed herself in a very long story

I’m having hand trembling while typing 🥺
Guys…It took place!😫
What happens to women when they fall on their knees and cry, scream, or humiliate themselves? I had the same thing 😩.
My legs felt unsteady. My heart was pounding. My hands trembled. I’m not sure how to put it, but have you ever been taken aback to the point of near fainting? Nevertheless, you manage to “Live the moment?” 🥺🥺.

The most terrifying moment was when Bobo knelt down. The air seized for a moment. The light went off. Everything turned WHITE. I could only see his face. When he spoke, I could feel his voice falter. His worry was palpable to me. He felt confident that I would marry him, but he was afraid that this choice would negatively impact our lives. His concerns about being a decent spouse and father have always existed, but now? I could actually hear the thump of his heart as he boldly asked me to accompany him on this “uncertain” voyage.

Everyone became silent in his honor. Everybody’s phone is on us. I heard a person who isn’t very talkative or expressive speak from the heart. He began, saying, “Lolade, notice the writing. I didn’t ask you to marry me; I said, MARRY ME!” If you marry me, I’ll be empty. Get married to me, or I’m done. If you don’t marry me, then who will marry me? I will abduct you from whoever you marry if you don’t marry me. Everyone laughed at this simple joke, and I could feel his stress easing a little😂. Whoa! His teeth when he grinned 😁. One of the things that first made me fall in love with him in London when we first met was brought to memory.

Standing there, starring at the man I would pick over all those guys in my DM 😊, was me. I’m going to let this man finally drag me down (I can see your face, potatoes). Even though I was crying when I opened my mouth to speak, my voice felt a little dry, but I managed to exclaim, “Kai!” I write stories, too 😂😂

Quietly go finish my caption readers, please 😂😂. That’s me accepting someone’s proposal and taking dramatic photos 😂😂. Don’t tell them if you’ve read this far. They’re too sluggish to read, Shebi. In the comment box, let’s play pretend 🤣🤣😂❤️


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