In Makurdi, a mob burns motorcycle thieves on fire

Two accused motorcycle thieves were lynched by a mob on Friday morning and their bodies were set ablaze in Nyon village, which is located outside of Makurdi town.

The two young men boarded the motorcycle at around two in the morning, according to an eyewitness who requested to remain anonymous, and they went from the town’s Katsina-Ala Street neighborhood to the Nyon settlement. Then they made an attempt to steal the motorcycle.

In his words, “The two of them were picked from Katsina-Ala street in the High Level area of Makurdi town to be dropped in Nyon, based on what the ‘okada’ rider told the youths who burned the criminals.”

“He claimed that after arriving in Nyon, they led him down a street, which he went along. But when he reached a certain point, it was too late, so the okada man asked his passengers to give him money so he could return.

However, they maintained that they had no money on them and that they would retrieve it from the house when they got home.

As he turned to go away without getting paid, the young men seized him and demanded his motorcycle key.

They grappled with him to take the bike key by force because he wouldn’t give it to them. However, as the okada rider sounded the alert, their luck ran out.

The young people in the neighborhoods took notice of his cry. They appeared in large numbers, pursued the suspects vigorously, and apprehended them.

“They killed them by beating them, and then they burned their corpses with tires.”

The witness bemoaned Makurdi town’s increasing rate of motorcycle stealing events. In order to serve as a deterrent, he continued, the teenagers had promised to administer jungle justice to motorcycle thieves who were caught in the act.


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